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Newest Cat Breed Ideas

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Facts About Different Cat Breeds

When it comes to cat breeding, a lot of people in the past have already tried different ways to see the results of combined breeds. The reason behind people combining breeds is because they sometimes want a cat that has the traits of two breeds or they want to remove some of the original traits of both breeds. With the knowledge that genetic science have given to people and the methods of controlled breeding, they were able to make sure that there are stable breeds today. In the past decade, people have introduced cat breeds that do not shed and hairless cats. A lot of people recognize some cat breeds that exists today such as the tabby, Persian and calico cat breed. Also, miniature cats have come to exist with the help of genetic science and controlled breeding.


Due to this progress, the cat registry now has over seventy known cat breeds that exist today. Different cat breeds means different traits but there are also similarities among them. Short tails are not that common with some cat breeds but with controlled breeding, it's possible to make the tail of a certain breed shorter. Check out these non shedding cats!


Many people who live in northern countries usually have a Persian or an Alley cat since most people like furry cats with long hair features. Often times, the northern continents is home to the siamese cat breeds. Just keep in mind that the siamese breed is known for its aggression and bad temper which can be bad for your home. Take a look at for more.Most people would prefer to have a Persian cat due to its unique trait to be able to bond with people more often compared to other cat breeds. If you want one for yourself, you should know that there are different variations that you can choose from and the price will depend on the type of breed that you'll get.


The cat registry also has records of older cat breeds that have existed throughout the long history of mankind. There are also breeds that has its origins traced back from a thousand years ago such as the bobtail breed. Still, due to unfortunate circumstances, some breeds ceased to exist and only records of them are the only thing that's left to prove their existence.


Nowadays the alley cat is one of the most common breeds of pet cats. However, the reality is that alley cats are composed of different breeds and people find it easier to call them that way. The alley cat is the most common cat in the world since its origins are usually bred with another kind of cat. However, these cats tend to be homeless due to the usual case of over breeding. This is the reason why some countries have already prepared methods to keep the population of cats in control. These methods usually includes the capture and neutralization of wild cats to control breeding and then setting them free again after some time. You can find out more about a big cat breed at this website.